Vol 29, No 3 (2003)

Table of Contents

Readers' Forum

Readers’ Forum Introduction PDF
Michael O'Driscoll 1-3
Making a Bad Law Worse PDF
Stan Persky, John Dixon 4-10
Protecting “Pursuits that Relate to the Culture of the Country”: Advocating for the Artistic Merit Defence in Bill C-12 PDF
Frank Addario, Megan Davis Williams, James Missen 11-17
Submission of the Writers’ Union of Canada to The Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights on Bill C-20 PDF
Writers’ Union of Canada 18-24
“Making up Stories”: Law and Imagination in Contemporary Canada PDF
Lorraine Weir 25-33
Children’s Literature as Child Pornography PDF
Perry Nodelman 34-39
Lyric Pronouncements, the Cachet of the Offended Reader, and the Limits of “The Public Good” PDF
Natasha Hurley 40-51


The Knowledge of Canada / The Canada of Knowledge: Representing the Nation in Canadian Reference Books PDF
Victor Shea, William Whitla 52-89
Kingdom of Ends: Nation, Post-Nation and National Character in Northrop Frye PDF
Adam Carter 90-115
Justice and the Pathos of Understanding in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost PDF
Jon Kertzer 116-138
The PseudoHerodotean Origins of The English Patient PDF
Vernon Provencal 139-165
“You Must Remember This”: Traumatic Postmemory and the “Cold War” Construction of Canon in Joyce Carol Oates’s Recent Fiction PDF
David R. Jarraway 166-183
Gifts, Goods and Gods: H. D., Freud and Trauma PDF
Ariela Freedman 184-199
Travel Writing at the End of Empire: A Pom Named Bruce and the Mad White Giant PDF
Douglas Ivison 200-219
Whose Story is It, Anyway? Or… Power and Difference in The Book of Jessica: Implications for Theories of Collaboration PDF
David Jefferess 220-241

Review Articles

Reading Frye PDF
James Steele 242-249

Book Reviews

Lisa Wood. Modes of Discipline: Women, Conservatism, and the Novel after the French Revolution. PDF
Sharon Alker 250-253
Paul Whitfi eld White and Suzanne R. Westfall, eds. Shakespeare and Theatrical Patronage in Early Modern England. PDF
Derek Cohen 253-258
Marshall Brown, ed. The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism. Vol. 5: Romanticism. PDF
Angela Esterhammer 258-261
Raymond E. Jones and Jon C. Stott. Canadian Children’s Books: A Critical Guide to Authors and Illustrators. PDF
James Gellert 262-265
Helen M. Buss, D. L. Macdonald, and Anne McWhir, eds. Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley: Writing Lives. PDF
Anthony John Harding 265-269
Martin Kreiswirth and Thomas Carmichael, eds. Constructive Criticism: The Human Sciences in the Age of Theory. PDF
Jonathan L. Hart 270-273
Paul Keen. The Crisis of Literature in the 1790s: Print Culture and the Public Sphere. PDF PDF
Gary Kelly 274-276
Peter Gibian. Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Culture of Conversation. PDF
Thomas Loebel 276-279
Margo Swiss and David A. Kent, eds. Speaking Grief in English Literary Culture: Shakespeare to Milton. PDF
Brent Nelson 280-283
Kathryn Carter, ed. The Small Details of Life: 20 Diaries by Women in Canada, 1830–1990. PDF
Julie Rak 283-286
Lorraine York. Rethinking Women’s Collaborative Writing: Power, Difference, Property. PDF
Wendy Robbins 287-290
Sylvia Bowerbank and Sara Mendelson, eds. Paper Bodies: A Margaret Cavendish Reader. PDF
Marta Straznicky 290-292
Deborah Kennedy. Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution. PDF
Eleanor Ty 293-295

Editorial Notices

How and When Shall We Commit Suicide? PDF
Katherine Durnin, Valerie Henitiuk 296-297


Colophon PDF
English Studies in Canada 298-299

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