International Journal of Qualitative Methods

The International Journal of Qualitative Methods (ISSN: 16094069) is a peer reviewed journal published as an open annual volume (formerly quarterly), web-based journal by the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology at the University of Alberta, Canada, and its international affiliates. Our goals are to advance the development of qualitative methods, and to disseminate methodological knowledge to the broadest possible community of academics, students, and professionals who undertake qualitative research. IJQM provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research available free to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. This open access is funded by an article processing fee. IJQM is widely indexed and has an impact factor (2013: 0.357).

Vol 13 (2014)

Table of Contents


Using the Delphi Method for Qualitative, Participatory Action Research in Health Leadership Abstract PDF
Amber J. Fletcher, Gregory P. Marchildon Canada 1-18
Doing Sensitive Research Sensitively: Ethical and Methodological Issues in Researching Workplace Bullying Abstract PDF
Declan Fahie Ireland 19-36
Generic Qualitative Approaches: Pitfalls and Benefits of Methodological Mixology Abstract PDF
Renate Kahlke Canada 37-52
Integrating Metatheory to Enhance Qualitative Interviewing: A Safety Campaign Exemplar Abstract PDF
Marifran Mattson, Emily Joy Haas United States 53-70
The Validity of Divergent Grounded Theory Method Abstract PDF
Martin Nils Amsteus Sweden 71-87
Emotional Intelligence and the Qualitative Researcher Abstract PDF
Christopher S. Collins, Joanne E. Cooper United States 88-103
Epistemological Shudders as Productive Aporia: A Heuristic for Transformative Teacher Learning Abstract PDF
Jennifer Charteris Australia 104-121
Breathing in the Mud: Tensions in Narrative Interviewing Abstract PDF
Rosanne E. Beuthin Canada 122-134
A Qualitative Methodology for Minority Language Media Production Research Abstract PDF
Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed Colombia 135-150
Qualitative Research in an International Research Program: Maintaining Momentum while Building Capacity in Nurses Abstract PDF
Judy Mill, Colleen Davison, Solina Richter, Josephine Etowa, Nancy Edwards, Eulalia Kahwa, Miriam Walusimbi, Jean Harrowing Canada 151-169
Photo-Elicitation with Autodriving in Research with Individuals with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease: Advantages and Challenges Abstract PDF
Lynn Shell United States 170-184
“I Just Don’t Think There’s Any Other Image That Tells The Story Like [This] Picture Does”: Researcher and Participant Reflections on the Use of Participant-Employed Photography in Social Research Abstract PDF
Meridith Burles, Roanne Thomas Canada 185-205
Avoiding Pitfalls and Realising Opportunities: Reflecting on Issues of Sampling and Recruitment for Online Focus Groups Abstract PDF
Nicola Boydell, Gillian Fergie, Lisa McDaid, Shona Hilton United Kingdom 206-223
Facebook Ethnography: The Poststructural Ontology of Transnational (Im) migration Research Abstract PDF
David Joseph Piacenti, Luis Balmore Rivas, Josef Garrett United States 224-236
Writing from the Margins of Myself Abstract PDF
Luci Gorell Barnes United Kingdom 237-254
Let’s Play It Safe: Ethical Considerations from Participants in a Photovoice Research Project Abstract PDF
Karin Hannes, Oksana Parylo Belgium 255-274
An African American Mother’s Stories as T.M.I.: Ethics and Vulnerability around Traumatic Narratives in Digital Literacy Research Abstract PDF
Tisha Y. Lewis Ellison United States 275-292
Dialogical principles for qualitative inquiry: a nonfoundational path Abstract PDF
Marlei Pozzebon, Charo Rodriguez, Maira Petrini Canada 293-317
So You Really Want to Interview Me?: Navigating “Sensitive” Qualitative Research Interviewing Abstract PDF
Winsome Chunnu Brayda, Travis D. Boyce United States 318-334
Synergy Among Multiple Methodologies: Investigating Parents’ Distress After Preterm Birth Abstract PDF
Molly R Altman, Ira Kantrowitz-Gordon, Roxanne Vandermause United States 335-346
Studying ‘Mixed Race’: Reflections on Methodological Practice Abstract PDF
Jillian Paragg Canada 347-361

ISSN: 1609-4069