Vol 11, No 4 (2012)

Table of Contents


A Literature Review to Evaluate the Choice and Use of Visual Methods Abstract PDF
Helen Pain United Kingdom 303-319
Picturing Reality: Power, Ethics, and Politics in Using Photovoice Abstract PDF
Anne Harley South Africa 320-339
Reflections on Visual Field Research Abstract PDF
Kenneth D. Tunnell United States 340-351
Qualitative Research in the Digital Era: Obstacles and Opportunities Abstract PDF
Ted Palys, Chris Atchison Canada 352-367
Methodological Reflections on the Use of Asynchronous Online Focus Groups in Health Research Abstract PDF
Sarah Williams, Maria Giatsi Clausen, Ann Robertson, Susi Peacock, Kerri McPherson United Kingdom 368-383
Using Qualitative Methods to Explore Non-Disclosure: The Example of Self-Injury Abstract PDF
Jo Borrill, Emily Lorenz, Ayda Abbasnejad United Kingdom 384-398
Through Thick and Thin: How Views of Identity Affect Listening for a Story in Portraiture Abstract PDF
Laurie R. Matthias, Emery Petchauer United States 399-415
“Thanks for Using Me”: An Exploration of Exit Strategy in Qualitative Research Abstract PDF
Zachary James Morrison, David Gregory, Steven Thibodeau Canada 416-427
Interviewing by Telephone: Specific Considerations, Opportunities, and Challenges Abstract PDF
Emily S. Block, Laura Erskine United States 428-445
From Field Notes, to Transcripts, to Tape Recordings: Evolution or Combination? Abstract PDF
Sophie Tessier Canada 446-460
מיהו המועמד המתאים ללמודים במכללה להוראה?/Who is the Desired Applicant for Schools and Colleges of Education? Abstract PDF
Sara Katz, Yehiel Frish Israel 461-497
Indigenous Innovations in Qualitative Research Method: Investigating the Private World of Family Life Abstract PDF
Huia Tomlins Jahnke, Gillies Annemarie New Zealand 498-512

ISSN: 1609-4069