The Alberta Academic Review (AAR) is a peer-reviewed academic journal located in Edmonton, Alberta.

Peer Review Process:

The AAR seeks to publish work from all faculties and academic areas. To properly evaluate this wide range of academic work, AAR uses a stringent, double-blind peer-review system. Authors’, reviewers’ and editors’ identities remain anonymous.

A Focus on Quality:

The AAR is focused on publishing high-quality, thought-provoking, well researched work. The AAR seeks to both provoke and inform.

The AAR is the voice of Alberta in the global academic conversation.

Our articles are readable by a general academic audience and supported by robust reasoning and in-depth research.

Statement of Editorial Independence:

The AAR Editorial Board is independent and exercises full editorial control. Editors are protected from interference. Our funding partner has no control over editorial direction. 

Funding Partner:

The University of Alberta Chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society funds the operation of the AAR.


For any questions, please reach out to aar2016@ualberta.ca