Vol 37, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents


CJUCE Online: Fulfilling One of its Major Purposes PDF English PDF French
Walter Archer


Essor, chute, puis renaissance des études à temps partiel pour adultes à l’Université de Montréal Abstract PDF
Scott McLean

Forum / Tribune

Canadian Adult Education: Still a Movement Abstract PDF
Tom Nesbit
Les études supérieures en ligne pour les leaders : Le cas des officiers des Forces canadiennes Abstract PDF
Marc Imbeault

Reports of Practice

The Power of Adult Learning in Fine Arts: Drawing upon Personal Experience Abstract PDF
Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski
Narrative as a Means of Understanding the Multi-Dimensional Benefits of Telehealth: An Exploration of Telehealth Stories Abstract PDF
Lorraine Mary Carter, Linda Muir, Doris McLean
Aboriginal Business Capacity Building Programs in the Central Interior of British Columbia: A Collaborative Project Between the University and Communities Abstract PDF
Titi Kunkel, Blanca Schorcht, Randall Brazzoni

Book Reviews

Leading Change in Multiple Contexts: Concepts and Practices in Organizational, Community, Political, Social, and Global Change Settings PDF English
Beth Hawkes
Creative Expression in Transformative Learning: Tools and Techniques for Educators of Adults PDF English
Kyle Whitfield,

ISSN: 0318-9090