Vol 7, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Knowledge is Not Made For Understanding; It is Made For Cutting PDF
Deborah Osberg

Research Articles

Between Chaos and Entropy: Community of Inquiry from a Systems Perspective Abstract PDF
Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy, David Kennedy
Cheonggyecheon: Streaming Currere Abstract PDF
Barbara Chancellor
Leadership and Complexity: Implications for Practice within the Advisement Leadership Bodies at Colleges and Universities Abstract PDF
Jeffrey L. McClellan

Invited Responses

Response to Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy & David Kennedy. Is “Facilitator” the Right Word? And on What Grounds? Some Reflections and Theorizations. PDF
Jérôme Proulx
Response to Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy & David Kennedy. Communicative Competencies and the Structuration of Expectations: the Creative Tension between Habermas’ Critical Theory and Luhmann’s Social Systems Theory Abstract PDF
Loet Leydesdorff
Response to Barbara Chancellor. Reviewing as Responding PDF
Warren Sellers
Response to Barbara Chancellor. Rhizomania: Five Provocations on a Concept PDF
Jason J. Wallin
Response to Jeffrey McClellan. Complexity Theory, Leadership, and the Traps of Utopia PDF
Tara Fenwick
Response to Jeffrey McClellan. Relational Leadership PDF
Matthew Eriksen, Anne Cunliffe

Semantic Play and Possibility

Section Introduction PDF
Donna Trueit
Free Time PDF
E. Yvette Stogner


Section Introduction PDF
William E. Doll
The Rope Walker PDF
Chryssa Sgouridou
The Non-Linear Nature of Emergent Teaching: A Multi-threaded Tale PDF
Sam Crowell, David Reid-Marr

Book Reviews

Section Introduction PDF
Darren Stanley
A review of "Complexity and Education: Inquiries into Learning, Teaching, and Research" by Brent Davis and Dennis Sumara, 2006 PDF
Randa Khattar, Carol Anne Wien
A review of "The Collapse of Chaos: Discovering Simplicity in a Complex World," by Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart, 1995 PDF
Stephanie Tait
A review of "Changing Minds: Computers, Learning, and Literacy," by Andrea A. DiSessa, 2000 PDF
Marge Benham-Hutchins
A review of "Complexity and Management: Fad or Radical Challenge to Systems Thinking?" by Ralph D. Stacey, Douglas Griffin, and Patricia Shaw, 2000 PDF
Beverly Simpson
A review of "Science and Ultimate Reality: Quantum Theory, Cosmology, and Complexity," by John D. Barrow, Paul C. W. Davies, and Charles L. Harper, Jr. (Eds.), 2004 PDF
Alice Ware Davidson


Memory of a Mentor: John Steven Mann PDF
Bill Doll

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