Vol 1, No 2 (2010)

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‘Civilizing the warlike Indians:’ A Confrontation of the Rutherford Library's Glyde Mural Abstract PDF
Noor Iqbal
Fuelling the Machine: Slave Trade and the Industrial Revolution Abstract PDF
Christine Clarke
‘We at least had our Ancient Trees’: The Development of Myth and Identity in Nineteenth Century American Painting Abstract PDF
Justin J Morris
‘Take Your Rosaries Out of Our Ovaries:’ Women's Rights in Argentina and Bolivia Abstract PDF
Caitlin Guse
‘How to Build a Godless Corner:’ Oppression, Propaganda, Resistance and the Soviet Secularization Experiment Abstract PDF
Marie-Christine Jutras
Ukrainian Memory and Victimhood Narratives after the Second World War Abstract PDF
Katrina Witt
‘The Whole World is Watching!’ The 1968 Chicago Riots Abstract PDF
Tyler Dawson