Vol 22, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents Abstract
Nikki Nosworthy 1
Introduction Abstract
Christina Rinaldi, Jessica Whitley, Donna McGhie-Richmond 2
Toward a Unified System of Education: Where Do We Go From Here? Abstract
Judy L. Lupart 3-7
Canadian Schools in Transition: Moving From Dual Education Systems to Inclusive Schools Abstract
Judy Lupart, Charles Webber 8-37
Judy Lupart: A Tribute to a Woman Who Led the Way Abstract
Nancy L. Hutchinson 38-39
Thinking Inclusively About Gifted Education: A Tribute to Judy Lupart Abstract
Marion Porath 40-41
Challenging the Status Quo in Canada’s Education System: The Legacy of Dr. Judy Lupart Abstract
Vianne Timmons 42-43
Reform and Change in Inclusive Education:A Tribute to Judy Lupart Abstract
Joanne Deppeler 44-45
Linking the Nature of Secondary School Students who are Highly Artistic with Curriculum Needs and Instructional Practice Abstract
Victoria Visconti 46-60
Accommodations in Teacher Education: Perspectives of Teacher Candidates with Learning Disabilities and their Faculty Advisors Abstract
Karen Csoli, Tiffany L. Gallagher 61-76
Training, Inclusion, and Behaviour: Effect on Student–Teacher and Student–SEA Relationships for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders Abstract
Jacqueline A. Brown, Kent McIntosh 77-88

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