literacy, learning, teaching, research, theory

Vol 12, No 1 (2010)

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“Power Without Honor Is Indeed A Dangerous Thing”: The Social Construction of Critical Literacy in Elementary Teacher Education Abstract PDF
Patricia Calderwood, Morgan Mazza, Hillary Ahearn, Abiah Ruel, Amy Favano, Kathleen Mahieu, Dan McNeill, Catherine Nguyen Ho Dias, Linda Pryde, Carolyn Stenerson 1-20
Potential for the Role of School-Based Animal-Assisted Literacy Mentoring Programs Abstract PDF
Lori Friesen 21-37
I Do Not Own Gossip Girl”: Examining the Relationship between Teens, Fan Fiction, and Gossip Girl Abstract PDF
Caroline Land 38-45
Native versus Nonnative: A Literacy Teacher Educator’s Story Abstract PDF
Cheu-Jey Lee 46-56
Exploring Bicultural Experiences: Responding to a Chinese American Young Adult Novel Abstract PDF
Shwuyi Leu 57-75
New Families, New Texts: An Exploration of Viewing, Text, and Schooling from the Perspective of Being an “Other Kind of Family” Abstract PDF
Linda Laidlaw 76-96
Can Learning Be Fun and Games? The Influence of Everyday Language on Students’ Content Vocabulary Use and Concept Understanding Abstract PDF
Geraldine Mongillo 97-115
Long-term Effects of Male Reading Tutors, Choice of Text and Computer-based Text on Boys’ Reading Achievement Abstract PDF
Laura Sokal 116-127
The Development of Exemplary Teaching Practices in Reading Instruction among Five Francophone Teachers Abstract PDF
Catherine Turcotte 128-146
Journey to Becoming a Writer: Review of Research about Children’s Identities as Writers Abstract PDF
Diane R. Collier 147-164
Sister to Sister: Becoming Literate in Relation Abstract PDF
Amy Barnhill, Don Halquist 165-174

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