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Life Phenomenology: Movement, Affect and Language

This is a call for papers in the planning of a special issue of Phenomenology & Practice that aligns with the International Human Science Research Conference (IHSRC) 2016. The theme of this year’s conference is  “Life Phenomenology: Movement, Affect & Language.”  
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Call for Papers: “Things” Special Issue of Phenomenology & Practice

This special issue of Phenomenology & Practice is a call to attend to the everyday, prereflective call of things, to “return to the things themselves” in a very concrete sense. We invite submissions of full-length articles (5000 words and more) that explore the multiple aspects and variations of the everyday experience of a particular thing, architectural structure, or other material or digital object (see, for example, van Lennep’s “Hotel Room” (1987)). We also welcome shorter articles (750-2500 words) that offer brief phenomenological snapshots of a thing; such articles are expected to be carefully crafted and maintain a concrete, phenomenological focus throughout.  
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Re-Imagining the Human Sciences: The Phenomenology of Alphonso Lingis


In this special issue of Phenomenology and Practice we invitpapers that explore the work of Alphonso Lingis and how it may challenge and disrupt not only philosophy, but also many fields and professional practices. We invite you to consider how Lingis’ work is able to cross disciplines, and to illuminate different worlds and realities. We look forward to sharing papers in this special issue that explore the ways the predominant themes in Lingis’ writings of subjectivity, perception, imperative, alterity, embodiment, death and justice speak to professional fields and practice.  

All manuscripts should follow the journal’s guidelines, including Max van Manen’s (1997, 2014) criteria for appraising phenomenological studies.  Recommended length 5000-8000 words.

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