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Vol 8, No 2 (2014): Special Issue: "Forgotten Connections" Thirty years after

Table of Contents


Editorial Abstract PDF
Tone Saevi, Bas Levering 1-6


Klaus Mollenhauer's "Forgotten Connections": A sketch of a general pedagogic Abstract PDF
Stein Wivestadt 7-12
The return of pedagogic: On the Dutch translation of Klaus Mollenhauer’s Vergessene Zusammenhänge Abstract PDF
Woulter Pols 13-17
Mollenhauer & Forgotten Connections: An Intellectual/Biographical Sketch Abstract PDF
Norm Friesen 18-23
Differentiating Scholarly Generations: On Hitler’s child soldiers, 60’s Revolutionaries and Forgotten Connections Abstract PDF
Alex Aßmann 24-31
Remembering forgotten connections: Klaus Mollenhauer’s opening to theorising education differently Abstract PDF
Gert Biesta 32-36
Mollenhauer and the pedagogical relation: A general pedagogic from the margins Abstract PDF
Tone Saevi 37-42
Forgotten Romantic and Enlightenment Connections: A personal approach to Mollenhauer’s seminal works Abstract PDF
Stefan Hopmann 43-47
An elementary educational issue of our times? Klaus Mollenhauer’s (un)contemporary concern Abstract PDF
Jan Masschelein 48-52
Mollenhauer’s hermeneutics: Tempting and Risky Abstract PDF
Bas Levering 53-59


Author Biographies PDF


The Scholarly and Pathic Cavalier: Max van Manen’s Phenomenology of Practice Abstract PDF
Peter Willis 62-67

ISSN: 1913-4711