Vol 8 (1999)


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A Legal Interpretation of Livy's Caudine Sponsio: Using Roman Law to test the validity of Livy's Caudine Forks Narrative Abstract PDF
Michael Norman Aston
Prometheus Unbound: The Technology of Bodybuilding in the Nervous Age Abstract PDF
Nicholas Turse
From Budgeting to Buying: Canadian Consumerism in the Post War Era Abstract PDF
Bettina Liverant
"Measures are being taken to eliminate the consequences of the accident": Ideology and the Soviet Response to the Chornobyl Accident Abstract PDF
Angeles Espinaco-Virseda
The East Lost the Cold war, but did the West Win? Abstract PDF
Curtis Bauer
A Reevaluation of the Impact of the Hundred Years War On The Rural Economy and Society of England Abstract PDF
Brad Wuetherick
Contributors PDF
Editorial Board PDF

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