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Vol 1 (1992) 'A brake upon the wheel': Frank Oliver and the Creation of the Immigration Act of 1906 Abstract   PDF
K Tony Hollihan
Vol 17 (2011) “A “Canadian Bethesda”: Reading Banff as a Health Resort, 1883-1902 Abstract   PDF
Caroline Lieffers
Vol 15 (2009) “I Die, I Take It, For Maintaining the Fifth Commandment”: Patriarchy and the Last Dying Speeches of Royalists and Regicides Abstract   PDF
Sara Siona Régnier-McKellar
Vol 15 (2009) “I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before…But What Was it Called?”: Changes to Street Names in Budapest from the End of Turkish Rule to the Present Abstract   PDF
Eva Bodnar
Vol 16 (2010) “It Depends on Where You Look”: The Unusual Presentation of Scurvy and Smallpox Among Klondike Gold Rushers as Revealed Through Qualitative Data Sources Abstract   PDF
Megan J Highet
Vol 15 (2009) “We Want Pictures so Kodak as You Go”: Promoting Winter Recreation in Banff in the 1920s Abstract   PDF
Lauren Wheeler
Vol 6 (1997) A Conceptual History of Civil Society: From Greek Beginnings to the End of Marx Abstract   PDF
Boris DeWiel
Vol 12 (2006) "A Firm Referee that Will Make Both Sides Adhere by the Rules": Gentlemanly Status and Hockey Referee in Edmonton Alberta,1893-1907 Details   PDF
Peter Fortna
Vol 11 (2005) A History of Neglect: Negotiating the Role of Safety in the Manhattan Project, 1939-1945 Abstract   PDF
Katherine Zwicker
Vol 8 (1999) A Legal Interpretation of Livy's Caudine Sponsio: Using Roman Law to test the validity of Livy's Caudine Forks Narrative Abstract   PDF
Michael Norman Aston
Vol 8 (1999) A Reevaluation of the Impact of the Hundred Years War On The Rural Economy and Society of England Abstract   PDF
Brad Wuetherick
Vol 1 (1992) A Victim of Circumstance: The Timber Bill of 1772 and the East India Company Abstract   PDF
Michael R Snyder
Vol 17 (2011) Achsah Guibbory, Christian Identity, Jews, and Israel in Seventeenth-Century England (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010). Details   PDF
Jeremy Fradkin
Vol 16 (2010) Acknowledgements Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 15 (2009) Acknowledgments Details   PDF
Vol 17 (2011) Acknowledgments Details   PDF
Frederick Mills
Vol 18 (2012) Acknowledgments Details   PDF
Fred Mills
Vol 4 (1995) Africville: The Test of Urban Renewal in Halifax, Nova Scotia Abstract   PDF
Richard Bobier
Vol 11 (2005) Alberta's Resources Negotiations and Bannf and Jasper National Parks Abstract   PDF
Christopher Gainor
Vol 17 (2011) Alice Hunt, The Drama of Coronation: Medieval Ceremony in Early Modern England (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008). Details   PDF
Valarie Schutte
Vol 10 (2004) American Jesus: How the Son of God Became a National Icon Abstract   PDF
Tony Maan
Vol 17 (2011) Andrew Biro (ed.), The Frankfurt School and Contemporary Environmental Crises (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011). Details   PDF
Ali Jones
Vol 11 (2005) Augustus and the Family at the Birth of the Roman Empire Abstract   PDF
Tracene Harvey
Vol 12 (2006) Aurelian's Bellum Monetariorum: An Examination Details   PDF
Charles Patrick MacMillan Conway
Vol 12 (2006) Book Forum on Kerry Abel, Drum Songs: Glimpses of Dene History. Second Edition. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's Press, 2005. Details   PDF
Christopher AJL Little, Matt Dyce, Sadie Donovan, Kerry Abel
Vol 14 (2008) Books Received Details   PDF
Vol 14 (2008) Caroline Vout: Power and Eroticism in Imperial Rome Details   PDF
Tracene Harvey
Vol 15 (2009) Christina Twomey, Australia’s Forgotten Prisoners: Civilians Interned by the Japanese in World War Two Details   PDF
Jonathan Henshaw
Vol 18 (2012) Community, Confederation, and Corpus Christianum: Defining "Gemeinde" in Huldrych Zwingli's Thought, 1525-1531 Abstract   PDF
Kirk W. Goodlet
Vol 4 (1995) Concubinage in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Literature: A Historical Study of Xing-shi yin-yuan zhuan Abstract   PDF
Yifeng Zhao
Vol 1 (1992) Conflicting Worldviews in the Classroom: The 'Holdeman' Mennonite School Trial 1978 Abstract   PDF
Andrew Pemberton-Pigott
Vol 5 (1996) Context and Content: Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, and George Grant and the Role of Technology in Modern Society Abstract   PDF
Philip Massolin
Vol 1 (1992) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 2 (1993) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 3 (1994) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 4 (1995) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 5 (1996) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 8 (1999) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 6 (1997) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 7 (1998) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 9 (2001) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 10 (2004) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 12 (2006) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 13 (2007) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 15 (2009) Contributors Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 11 (2005) Contributors Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 16 (2010) Contributors Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 17 (2011) Contributors Details   PDF
Frederick Mills
Vol 18 (2012) Contributors Details   PDF
Vol 17 (2011) Conversion versus Ethnography: Adrien Gabriel Morice and the Western Dene Abstract   PDF
Daniel Sims
Vol 18 (2012) David Wright, Downs: The History of a Disability (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011). Details   PDF
Michael Commito
Vol 18 (2012) Dean Bavington, Managed Annihilation: an Unnatural History of the Newfoundland Cod Collapse (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2010). Details   PDF
Mark Leeming
Vol 18 (2012) Disappearance: How Shifting Gendered Boundaries Motivated the Removal of Eighteenth Century Boxing Champion Elizabeth Wilkinson from Historical Memory Abstract   PDF
Christopher Thrasher
Vol 12 (2006) Divided Once More: Social Memory and the Canadian Conscription Crisis of the First World War Details   PDF
Andrew Theobald
Vol 7 (1998) Divorce in Classical Athenian Society: Law, Practice and Power Abstract   PDF
Carlos F Norena
Vol 13 (2007) Donald S. Moore. Suffering for Territory: Race, Place and Power in Zimbabwe (Durham & London, Duke University Press, 2005). Details   PDF
Maxwell Zhira
Vol 10 (2004) Dreaming of a Better World: Student Rebellion in 1960s Regina Abstract   PDF
Roberta Lexier
Vol 17 (2011) Earl J. Hess, The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat: Reality and Myth (Lawrence: University of  Details   PDF
Carl C Creason
Vol 2 (1993) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Christopher Hackett
Vol 3 (1994) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Philip Massolin
Vol 4 (1995) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Theodore Binnema
Vol 5 (1996) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Steven Karp
Vol 7 (1998) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Douglas Bailie, Robynne Rogers Healey
Vol 1 (1992) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Bob Hesketh
Vol 6 (1997) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Douglas Bailie
Vol 9 (2001) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Matthew Eisler
Vol 10 (2004) Editor's Note Details   PDF
John Barwick
Vol 11 (2005) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Roberta Lexier
Vol 13 (2007) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Per Anders Rudling
Vol 15 (2009) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Maxwell Zhira
Vol 16 (2010) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Maxwell Zhira, Brian Gold
Vol 14 (2008) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Trevor Rockwell
Vol 17 (2011) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Frederick Mills
Vol 18 (2012) Editor's Note Details   PDF
Fred Mills
Vol 1 (1992) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 2 (1993) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 3 (1994) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 4 (1995) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 5 (1996) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 6 (1997) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 7 (1998) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 8 (1999) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 9 (2001) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 10 (2004) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Vol 15 (2009) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 11 (2005) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 12 (2006) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 13 (2007) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 14 (2008) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 16 (2010) Editorial Board Details   PDF
Melanie Marvin
Vol 13 (2007) Eduard Niznansky. Holokaust na Slovensku 7. Vztah slovenskej majority a zidovskej minority. (nacrt problemu). Bratislava: Nadacia Milana Simecku, 2005. Details   PDF
Nina Paulovicova
Vol 2 (1993) Edward Hallett Carr: Historical Realism and the Liberal Tradition Abstract   PDF
David Freeland Duke
Vol 3 (1994) Empty Air: Ezra Pound's World War Two Radio Broadcasts Abstract   PDF
Gibran van Ert
Vol 7 (1998) Faith, Families, and Rebellion in Sixteenth-Century South-West England Abstract   PDF
Pamela Stanton
Vol 10 (2004) Faith, Identity, and Nationalism: The Impact of the May Thirtieth Incident on China's Christian Colleges Abstract   PDF
John Barwick
Vol 14 (2008) For the Empire, the Nation and the West: The University of Alberta's Contribution to World War 1 Abstract   PDF
David Borys
Vol 8 (1999) From Budgeting to Buying: Canadian Consumerism in the Post War Era Abstract   PDF
Bettina Liverant
Vol 5 (1996) From Pariahs to Patriots: Canadian Communists and the Second World War Abstract   PDF
Chris Frazer
Vol 13 (2007) Gary S. Meltzer. Euripides and the Poetics of Nostalgia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. Details   PDF
Rene Georgopalis
Vol 13 (2007) Gender Transgression as Heresy: The Trial of Joan of Arc Abstract   PDF
Daniel Grigat, Gregory Carrier
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